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Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

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  1. [Automatic bottle opener]

  2. Effortless to use and shiny in stainless steel, our automatic bottle opener or soda cap opener is nothing short of captivating. Slip the device's cap-sized aperture over the top of your bottle and tap lightly to pop it open. 🍾🔓

  3. The device's inner magnet holds the cap in captivity, making it a cinch to discard. Opens bottles instantly and great beer bottle cap catcher with a magnet. Will not bend caps once off which makes it great for cap collectors. 🧲🍻

  4. Made of quality stainless steel with anti-rust shell and durable design, offers good grip and long service life. A great bartender tool and gadget to effortlessly open bottle caps of beer and drinks. Convenient to use for a bar, restaurant, store, party, celebration, or at home. 🍴🍹

  5. Pop the tops off bottles without any of the strain or hassle that accompanies traditional bottle openers. Unique and stylish corkscrew. Opens bottle caps in less than a second which makes this a rather superb novelty gift for men and women who love to drink. 🎁🍷

  6. We hope our customers are 100% satisfied. If you have any questions regarding the product or service, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service. 🙌📞

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