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🧚Hair Dye 8-color Chalk Disposable Hair Pen Stick🧚‍♂️

🧚Hair Dye 8-color Chalk Disposable Hair Pen Stick🧚‍♂️

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Step into a world of vibrant hues and endless creativity with our Hair Dye 8-color Chalk Disposable Hair Pen Stick. Unleash your inner artist and transform your locks into a canvas of dazzling colors that reflect your unique style.

Crafted for convenience and ease, each pen stick is packed with 3g of vivid dye powder, totaling 24g across 8 electrifying shades. Compact in size, the packaging dimensions of 11.5x1.5x10cm make it effortlessly portable, ensuring you can carry your color palette wherever inspiration strikes.

To embark on your hair dyeing journey, simply don your protective gear and apply the color to damp hair with gentle strokes, avoiding unnecessary roughness. Once applied, let your hair dry naturally or with the aid of styling tools for a flawless finish that lasts until your next wash.

This disposable hair dye is designed for hassle-free maintenance - just rinse with water and shampoo to reveal a clean canvas for your next masterpiece. With fast delivery from China within 7-15 days, you'll be experimenting with new looks in no time.

Whether you're aiming for a subtle accent or a bold statement, our Hair Dye 8-color Chalk Disposable Hair Pen Stick promises easy application and stunning results every time. Elevate your hair game and unleash your imagination today!

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