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【Hot Sale 49% Off】- Satin Heatless Curling Set

【Hot Sale 49% Off】- Satin Heatless Curling Set

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Heatless curls that don't hurt your hair, made of silk scarf,  without any heating tools the whole time! Long hair and short hair are applicable, simple and convenient, sleep and wake up directly beautiful out of the door!


Upgraded Heatless Hair Curlers

No heat & damage to your hair with this women heatless satin heatless curling set. Magic curlers for hair with little effort to get wavy curls. Upgraded design, easy to operate, perfect for comfortable sleep overnight.

This Upgraded model features a 3cm thick heat-free curling rod that introduces you to the art of creating stunning, voluminous waves naturally. Embrace the power of physical force to shape your hair without subjecting it to heat, preserving its strength and vitality. It works on all hair types - including thin, medium, thick, curly, wavy and straight hair, not for short.



Stylish Design

Compare to other heatless hair curler, our no heat curlers for long hair equipped with a buckle design, it can be pressed and fixed after rolling. You can wear it directly when you go out, work, hang out with friends. When used, the upgraded curling is softer and more effective than the old version.


Quality Material

This silk rollers for hair are filled with premium quality terylene, covered with silky cloth, soft and silky that can keep your head comfortable whether you’re sleeping with it or going out your day.


Compact and travel friendly

This set is compact and easy to store and pack. Allows you to achieve beautiful waves at home or while traveling. Hand wash in cold water after use, do not wring and let it air dry.


Perfect Gift

No one will say no to this heatless hair styling tools which will bring no damage to hair, which will form beautiful and natural curls, which can wear to sleep overnight to save time. It's definitely a perfect holidays gifts to your girl, wife, mum or friends.



  • Weight: 24g
  • Size: 27cm*3cm
  • Color: As shown


Package Includes

  • 3 Silk Curling irons 

How to Use

  1. very lightly spray your hair with water 
  2. wrap the ends of your hair around the middle of the rod 
  3. rotate the rod from the top down 
  4. fasten the clasp of the curling rod after curling the hair to the ends
  5. Remove the rod after 3-6 hours or overnight for beautiful curls 



Sophie, 28, Canada
"I've been on a quest for heatless curls, and nothing compares to this silk scarf curler. It's a blessing for my fine hair, providing gentle styling while sleeping. Wrapping my hair at night yields soft, bouncy curls in the morning. It's wonderfully simple and effective."

Mia, 34, Australia
"The upgraded heatless hair curlers have transformed my mornings. The satin material works overnight to create frizz-free, lustrous waves. It's incredibly easy to use and kind to my hair. I love the healthy bounce it gives my locks!"

Aisha, 42, United Kingdom
"Finding this 3cm thick curling rod has been a revelation. Sleeping with it is a breeze, and I wake up to natural, lasting waves. My hair health has improved, and the curls remain vibrant all day. It's become a key part of my beauty ritual."

Gabriella, 26, Italy
"The unique buckle design of these curlers is ingenious. They stay in place, give me gorgeous curls, and are comfortable enough for all-day wear. The upgrade to softer materials has elevated my hair styling routine."

Naomi, 30, United States
"Silk rollers with luxurious terylene make overnight curling a treat. They're super easy to use and incredibly comfy. My hair looks fantastic with minimal effort. It's the perfect solution for anyone who values their sleep and their style."

Priya, 27, Australia
"This heatless curling system is a standout for its comfort, even for side sleepers like me. The secure design allows for a peaceful night's sleep, and I wake up to beautiful curls without any hair damage. It's a fantastic, hassle-free styling tool."

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