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Ultimate Security Shield: Unbreakable Transparent Window Film for Unparalleled Protection

Ultimate Security Shield: Unbreakable Transparent Window Film for Unparalleled Protection

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What is safety film for a window?

Security window films are a cost-effective solution used to strengthen and enhance the safety of regular glass. This helps protect windows against smash and grab attacks, break-ins, vandalism, natural disasters, and even high-powered impacts like bombings.

● Window Security Film for Crime Protection:Windows are often the weakest point of the home, and a target for burglars. Our security window film discourages break-ins and makes forced entry difficult. With glass protection film in place, your home will be more secure and less of a target.

● Glass Protection Film for Accidents:Safety film for glass is a must have for a home or business that is frequented by children cat dog. When applied to a sliding glass door, our safety film can minimize injury by holding the broken glass shards together.

● Glass Protection film for Graffiti:Window security film can be used to cover windows, mirrors, and doors to protect against vandalism and graffiti. NIDOJP’s security film for windows is scratch resistant, and reduces cleanup time in the event of broken glass. Protective window film reduces the cost of vandalism to your business.

● Easy To Install & Remove: Our Security Film was very easy to apply to windows because air bubbles do not get trapped underneath. If you moved out Apartments, it also easy to peeling it off . It peeled right off like a screen protector off of a phone, And No residue on the window at all.

● Safety & Security Window Film:scratch-resistant, 8-mil window safety film acts like a steel curtain to hold shattered glass in place, helping to protect people and property from damage from shattered glass. Our safety window film also offers UV protection by blocking up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

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